There is a notable difference between living in the city and tin the countryside. If you have lived in the city in the majority of your life it is certain that you will miss some of the luxuries there like for instance the close access to supermarkets, cinemas, sport centers, expensive shops, etc. Regardless, there are some significant advantages in living in the countryside that are impossible to be ignored and everyone who is brave enough and who is willing to cut himself off from the normal routine of society and who has the means shouldn’t be sorry for making the choice of moving out with his close ones to the countryside. This article will list both the positive and negative sides of moving out from the city house to go living in the countryside.


Think of it in this way. You can basically have more things and more important ones from the city in the countryside than you can get from the countryside in the city. The biggest problem you can face is missing the people. It is a bold thing to abandon the more advanced regions and just move out to a more natural environment and not many people do it at all so you can be sure that if you plan on moving to the countryside you need to be prepared to be far away from plenty of your closest people. When it comes down to the advantages of the countryside, the list is significantly long.


The most important advantage is the healthy environment. In the countryside moving vehicles are a great rarity and this is why the air is so clean. You can be sure that there is no device or machinery that can ever replace the heavenly and calming freshness of the clean mountain hillside air. It will affect positively not just your mood but also your sleep and healthy condition. Your body will succumb to the normal and the correct daily schedule if it has been disturbed in the city. You can forget about insomnia in the countryside or aggravating traffic. Everything there is in complete balance and harmony.


Don‘t forget about the drastic change in your lifestyle. You will have to work seasonally because you will have to make a living using what you grow in your garden in case you don‘t have any other business to support you financially. The perfect combination in life for many people and according to researches is to have a successful business in the city while your permanent residence is in a rural area. In the countryside you can forget about chaotic lifestyle and everything involved in it like problems with bills, or traffic jams, or crime rates or frauds. None of that is possible to a large degree in the countryside. Also, remember that if you ever start to miss Internet, cable television, video games, movies, you can also arrange for yourself to receive all of those things provided you have the financial resources to afford it. Just imagine a sunny, fresh day in which you wake up in front of your computer or the TV and instead of seeing a dusty and noisy town through the window you see a breath-taking sunlit mountain landscape. You can be sure that the experience is worth the price and the effort.

So, all in all, provided you have the will and the financial capabilities to relocate to the countryside and lead a good life, don‘t doubt about it, just do it.