Long Distance Moving Scams

Moving can be a worst experience of your life and it can highlight all the danger lights around you, if you fall in a trap of a scam. You can lose a lot more than you can even think. Let’s first check out the intensity of scams by giving a look on different types of scams:

  • Loss of all household items. Means! you have an empty box without any item as all the items are disappeared by the magical scam of a moving company.
  • Hidden charges in form of extra weight loading, extra petrol consumed, parking charges, congestion charges and so on.
  • Insurance deception and in case of loss and damage, you will not be able to claim.
  • Handling the goods roughly, as a result they cause damage and then deny their mistake as a white lie.
  • Providing low cost quote estimation to capture the client’s attention. Once captured, now he will be slaughtered.
  • Demand of advance money and then the money is taken, no job will be performed.
  • While traveling on a long distance they will steal some precious items and rest of the luggage will be delivered. You won’t be able to claim as they will leave no stone unturned.

The fraudulent behavior is common. Some do this at minor level others try to eat whole of the prey. Now, the question is how to avoid or how save from being a prey of any fraudulent moving company? This is not a difficult thing. You can easily detect deception. All you have to keep your 5 senses alert plus the scam detectors in your mind? Now, you might be thinking what are the scam defectors? And how one can activate them? All you need is a deep and sound knowledge about cheater and his tactics. The criminal person always leaves some hints behind him. All you have to analyze your moving company with a skeptical eye. Some of the important things you must bother are:

  • License
  • Registration Number and its Validity
  • Quoted Price Analysis
  • Dealing Online, there is Physical Office or Not
  • Ask for references
  • Insured Company or Not
  • Insurance Claim rights of the Customer
  • Assure that testimonials are not done by professional writers
  • Verify if the Phone Number is Valid or Not
  • Locate them via Google Maps too

Items Delivery & Collection

If you get negative responses, then just say no! Oh! No! It can be a scam. You must know about your rights before hiring a company, otherwise the lack of knowledge can be a big issue for you. There is nobody who can save you other than you. Be alert as it can ruin your whole life too. Undoubtedly, Croydon Rental Van Hire With Man -  are providing such an ease all over the United Kingdom, but one can never deny the realities that carelessness and extra trust of people had snatched a lot from them. Take a lesson from their bad experiences and make your own good.