Bathroom is the place where there’s always hustle and bustle, and when someone is visiting your place and asks to take a leak, don’t worry they’re not concerned about the number of shampoo bottles or your shampoo brand more than the overall health of the place. So here are some important tips to get your bathroom neat and clean.

End-Of-Lease-Tenancy-Cleaners-289x300First thing is first, get yourself covered in some old cloths so that you don’t spoil the new ones and get your gloves on.

Now get the easy grab able trash in plastic bag and try not to sweat it too much, just reach out to the ones that can easily be gathered. After you are done with that, use a brush or some old cloth to rub off the tiny hardened stains from the walls, commode, back of toilet tank, over under and back of the seat with a stain cleaner.

After that get a toilet cleaner or just some bleach and pour it into the bowl and don’t forget to flush prior to pouring cleaner. Brush thoroughly, under the rim and sides. Then let it stay for 5-7 minutes then just flush it out and you’re done with the toilet.

Now comes the hard part, let’s make it easy, just grab a microfiber cloth and spray some cleaner on it, you can also use white vinegar and water in equal parts as cleaner, now rub it on the soup dribbles, tooth paste splashes, faucets, counter tops, looking glass, shower doors. Now rub it off with water and piece of cloth and here you have it; good as new. You can use the same technique on door knob.

Now for the floor, first you need to take out the foot mat, rug and shake them hard so that they lose their hardened dust then, vacuum them if you feel necessary. Now clean the areas where hairs and dust are being collected (mostly the bathroom drain) with any piece of small cloth. Now just get few drops of cleanser on the floor and use a wiper to rub it thoroughly and you’re done.

It is highly recommend that after a few months you should get some professional help, like Bromley Tenancy Cleaners. The reason for recommendation is no matter how good of a cleaner you are, professionals are always going to be way ahead, so instead of crushing yourself let them handle it. Experts can clean way more deep, through and neat, so that your bathroom stays neat and clean for longer.