There are so many clever movers here looking for innocent people to capture them and then fooling them to grab money.  To save yourself from scams, you must be known from their foul tactics in order to find the right moving company.  Here are few game plan strategies of fraudulent:

A Virtual Company

Perhaps the company has a great website and attractive rate details, but not the facilities they have mentioned on their site. They may be fooling you by their appearance. Before hiring any company, just visit their office to avoid being fooled and ask them since when they are located at this place and ask other questions related to their company. Try to know every detail about the credentials of the company.

Fake Testimonials

You may have seen oscillating testimonials on different Man and Van sites, make sure they are not written by the professional writers. Ask for references and confirm that the references are not deceptive.

No Contracts

Most of the companies know the tricks to capture your mind with the sugary tongue and tricky talks. They will make verbal promises and will satisfy you 100%, but after that they will snatch your pleasure. They will make demands and may blackmail you after taking your possession from your place. So, never make a verbal agreement and don’t forget to read the customers right column.

Delivery – (Delay or Never)

You may find a very good House Removals Company providing excellent packing and loading services on time, but after that they will show you the real face. They will make deliveries late and steal your precious items or all items will be disappeared and will never be delivered at your place. You may face a hostage scenario so, always ask for license and verify the license number that it is still valid for this company or not.

Wrong Estimates

Representatives of the company might give you low estimates to confine your attention. Once you have hired them, now they will tell you the real price, but they will tell you after signing the agreement with you. They may ask for advance money too.

Extra Charges (Nasty Surprises)

This is the most common practice. Companies will tell you the charges and add extra charges in your bill in form of parking charges, congestion charges, over weight charges, extra task charges and so on.

Neither Insured nor Licensed

Do verify that the company – – you are going to hire is insured as well as licensed and all the documents are valid otherwise it will be a great mess for you.

If you really don’t want to be deceived, then do a critical analysis of the company you are going to hire on the basis of above factors. You must also be known from your rights. Keep a skeptical eye that what type of claims the company offers to you in the contract. Ask them questions to know maximum details about the company.